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From spectacular outdoor lighting to lighting under your kitchen cabinets, Knecht Home Center and Mead Lumber offer thousands of lighting options to enhance your home.

For decades, Maxim Lighting has been the go-to for customers looking to shine a light on their homes, offices and commercial space. So much of our world is defined and elevated by lighting —dramatic silhouettes, a warm glow that welcomes in the senses and soft, sensual illumination that encourages connection and comfort. Maxim Lighting has been refining and redefining these cutting-edge lighting trends for more than 45 years, and now it's time to introduce that legacy to your space. We offer the finishing touches you've been looking for in lighting, from traditional to contemporary.

Whether you want to bathe a room in light or simply add some accents through illumination, our staff can provide you with over 6,000 options to make your plans a reality.

Stop by today and pick up a copy of our Maxim Lighting Builders Collection, and speak with one of our lighting experts.

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For decades, Maxim Lighting has been the go-to for customers looking to shine a light on their homes, offices, and commercial space. Refining and redefining cutting-edge lighting trends for 45 years, Maxim Lighting's catalog of lighting products has set the industry standard for product quality and style.

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Paint and Stain

Knecht Home Center and Mead Lumber are proud to carry a wide variety of high-quality paints and stains to complete any indoor or outdoor project. We not only offer all of the painting supplies you’ll need to get the job done, but we also have a full-service paint counter for interior and exterior applications using Ace Essence, Clark + Kensington Paint + Primer, Duckback, Elan, Medallion and Valspar.

Hardware and Fasteners

Shop Knecht Home Center and Mead Lumber for thousands of hardware fasteners in various sizes, metals, coatings and head drives. From basic supplies to hardware restoration and hard-to-find specialty items, you’ll find the hardware you’re looking for!

Outdoor Living

Improve your outdoor living experience with our full line of patio furniture, decorative patio block, landscaping blick and timers, mulch, rock, fertilizer and more. We also provide a large selection of Weber grills and firepits to help you create an outdoor living area that will give you hours of comfort and enjoyment.

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