The Mead Legacy Collection of garage and storage units includes various single, two-stall, three-stall, and four-stall garage offerings. We also offer several loft, storage and hobby shop wood structures. Like our homes and other project offerings, we are fully capable of working with you and your builder to design your garage exactly the way you want it! We will customize specifications and integrate the products you select to best fit your budget and storage needs.

*Check with your state and local building jurisdictions and codes before final selection and building of your post frame building. Check with your local utility companies before digging.

Garage 12x24 - 8  Garage 16x22 - 9'

Garage  16x24 - 9  Garage  24x24 - 8

Garage  24x24 - 9  Garage  24x24 - 10

Garage 32x24 - 9  Garage  24x40 - 10

Garage  24x44 - 9  Garage 30x40 - 9

Garage  26x48 -  Garage 26x28 - 10

Garage 32 48 14

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