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Merillat Cabinetry

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Jon ZeiglerGavin WIlliams, Package/Project Manager

Knecht Home Center and Mead Lumber are proud partners of Merillat Cabinetry. We showcase many of their amazing products throughout various showrooms in our stores. This month we would like to highlight one of our favorite collections they carry, the Masterpiece Collection. Our customers rave about how many different options Merillat has between their color choices, textures, designs and other aspects.  If you are looking for cabinetry that can add value to your home while creating character with your own personal flair, Merillat Masterpiece is your choice. Read more below about the different options Merillat boasts and how they have been creating customers' dream spaces for decades.

Merillat Cabinetry

With exceptional attention to detail and endless functionality, the updated 2021 Masterpiece Collection offers timeless products, striking finishes, and smart solutions that help homeowners achieve their design dreams. We’re introducing new door styles, making EverCore® available in more options, and we’re rolling out an array of fresh finishes including:

  • Eight new paints
  • A paint with highlight combo
  • A new stain and stain expansion
  • Unique, new specialty finishes like Aged, Translucent and Weathered

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Door Styles

Ever-changing styles force companies in the home improvement industry to evolve quickly with current home trends by getting in touch with their designers and figured out what’s in and what’s out. Just when you thought barn and rustic style interior design was going to be the next fab a new modern approach to design steps in and now you are left with out of date cabinets. The team at Merillat works tirelessly to stay ahead of these trends so you can have confidence in what you’re buying.

The cabinet doors are the first thing people will see when they walk into your kitchen. Having the correct style door to match the rest of your kitchen is paramount. The Masterpiece collection offers over 15 different door styles so no matter what your taste, Merillat has your back. Along with your style of door, you will need to select which wood type you would like to compliment you kitchen. With over nine different selections it is impossible to go wrong with this collection!

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Cabinet Finish Options

The hard part is over, you’ve chosen your door style and nailed down what type of wood you want, now for the finish, the cabinetry finish that is. Merillat has eight different finishes you have the option of choosing to complete your dream cabinetry set up. They have everything from your standard paint and stain to vintage, distresses and even laminate options! Be sure to carefully review the benefits each one of these finishes has to over your space.

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