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Necessities For Changing Seasons

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Jon ZeiglerBryan Rice, Vice President-Sales and Marketing Regional Manager

As the seasons change and we transition from warm fall days into cooler fall temperatures and onto winter it is important to be prepared! There is nothing worse than not being ready for the first frost or the inevitable and unforeseen first snowfall that always sneaks up on us. Stop into your local Mead Lumber or Knecht Home Center for all of your necessities during this time of transition!

Season Changing Necessities


With leaves falling and rain still making its way across the midwest it is important to make sure your gutters are clean. Build up in your gutters can cause serious damage to your house via water leaks and pooling, gutter damage, damage to siding and possibly even larger concerns down the road. The best way is to get up on a secured ladder and clear out debris by hand to get larger chunks of leaves that have built up over the summer and fall months. After the large debris has been cleared make sure to run some water through your gutters to get all the small left overs and make sure everything is draining as it should.


This one may seem simple but more people forget about these two essentials than you would think. When the first snow comes we undoubtedly see a frenzy of people running through our doors. Luckly, we carry multiple brands of shovels varying in prices and luxury. But once you've shoveled doesn't mean the job is done. It is very important to sprinkle ice salt on top of high traffic areas around your house. One freeze overnight and your stairs will turn into a slide by the time you run out the door to work in the morning!

Losing heat or looking for something a little extra to trap in those warm inside temperatures? Knecht Home Center and Mead Lumber carry some of the nation's top insulation brands so you can keep warm this winter! Insulation will also help close off any unwanted drafts moving through your home. Don't forget to also seal up any cracks or unwanted openings with caulk or some other hardening adhesive. We carry a variety of products that are guaranteed to give you a great seal every time!

New Arrivals

We have some new arrivals in our stores that are sure to be a hit this fall and winter season. We would like to introduce our new Solo Stove lineup! These awesome, lightweight, stainless steel stoves come in a variety of sizes so no matter what situation you're in there is always a Solo Stove perfect for the job! Portability is a must when camping or using any sort of stove outside. The nimble design of these stoves allows for them to be lightweight while also being extremely strong and durable. It’s for camping out at night in the mountains under the stars. It’s for warming up on a beach after hitting the waves. And yet, it’s right at home in your own backyard surrounded by your family and friends. Wherever you want to be, Solo Stove helps you turn good moments into lasting memories.

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